Chevrutot with Rabbi Frieberg and Sara, as well as our OU-JLIC Fellows, Rabbi Scott and Sara Hoberman, are available throughout the week.


OU-JLIC Chabura Night
4 Simultaneous Chaburot given by the OU-JLIC Educators (Rabbi Adam and Sara Frieberg) and our OU-JLIC Fellows (Rabbi Scott and Sara Hoberman), followed by beit midrash learning.


Men’s Shiur: Delivered by Rabbi Lewis at 8:30pm, this shiur focuses on the parshat Hashavua. The Men’s Shiur takes place in student homes. Free Chinese food is served.

Women’s Shiur: Given by OU-JLIC Educator Sara Frieberg, this shiur includes free dinner and for Fall 2015 will be focused on the topic of Women in Tanach. The Women’s Shiur takes place in student homes.


Mishmar: Come to Hillel at 8:00pm to hear a different guest speaker each Thursday night; sometimes fellow students themselves! Refreshments are served.

SWAB: Study With A Buddy takes place immediately after Mishmar at Hillel. Learn anything you’d like either by yourself or with a buddy while enjoying refreshments!


Shabbat Shiur: Immediately after Kiddush on Shabbat morning (approximately 11:30am), Rabbi Frieberg delves into diverse and fascinating topics each week.
SNL – Saturday night learning after Shabbat each week in Hillel