Rabbi Yitz Landa was privileged to live in Jerusalem for 12 years, learning at Yeshivat Mir and serving as faculty at Yeshivat Ateret Yerushalayim and associate rabbi of Kehillat Arzei Ramot. After earning his certification in shechita, a M-Div equivalency, and semicha from leading authorities including Rav Dovid Feinstein and Rav Yitzchok Berkovits, the Landas moved to Staten Island, where Rabbi Yitz was assistant rabbi, kiruv director, and program director for the New Springville Jewish Center. Rabbi Yitz also taught Judaic studies at two local yeshiva high schools, and marriage education at the JCC. Rabbi Yitz founded the Grande Woodlands Shul in Toms River, where his family now lives. He authors a popular weekly parasha publication and published a six-volume guide for halachic advisors. Rabbi Yitz enjoys hiking, skiing, skydiving, motorcycling, and spending time with his kids.

Shoshana Landa is a proud mother (of four), therapist, and Torah teacher. Born in central New Jersey, Shoshana lived in Jerusalem from the age of 9. She holds an MSW from Hebrew University and is an Israeli-licensed LCSW (Bar-Ilan University), with which she opened and ran a private clinic in Jerusalem treating survivors of trauma and childhood abuse. Shoshana also served at the SULAM School of Special Education, and later at RJJ School. She currently provides psychotherapy for children in the Toms River area. She enjoys painting, hiking, gardening, and learning; and is fiercely opinionated.